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Invited by Form/Design Centre in Malmö to speculate on the role of play within modern urbanity, the proposal suggests a rough-and-tumble children’s playground composed solely of trees and dramatic topography. By condensing the notion of ‘playground’ to basic yet exaggerated moments of scale, light and darkness, density and vastness, movement and stillness, children are faced with the very fundamentals of architecture, while being encouraged to project their inner worlds onto a seemingly blank slate. The playground is suggested as a remodeling of the neglected and under-used Davidshallstorg, an intimate and centrally located square-turned-parking lot surrounded by shops, cafés and the beautifully overgrown brick façade of the former police station. A wooden model and a collage were presented alongside the following short story:

Inspectors Kling and Klang were in the midst of packing for the upcoming move, but were constantly interrupted by the children’s cries and laughter. Through a window they overlooked the Park, that once was a square. They gazed at the wild, billowing landscape covered with dense deciduous forest, which gradually transformed into a flat, open grove. It was a beautiful spot, always filled with playing children. However, the inspectors never noticed any adults – perhaps they knew that the Park was not for them.

The ground was moist, the thicket dense, and the grass knee-tickingly tall. A few rays of sunlight penetrated the foilage and gently brushed the backs of Katinka, Kaspar and Kasimir where they lay hidden behind a large rock, waiting for the danger to pass. “Go!” Katinka suddenly cried, and the trio charged between hillocks and over humps, tall as mountains. When certain to have shaken off the threat, they tumbled down onto the vast lawn with the neat little fruit trees. Nothing could surprise them here. The trio caught their breath laying in the grass, contently munching on apples and squinting at the bright sun. A few moments later, they locked eyes, smirked, and spurted back to from where they came.

“How on earth will this end…?” muttered the inspectors and turned back to their moving boxes.